Table Saw Jigs

table saw jigs

Table saw jigs would make your wood work tasks easier and safer and much more accurate. Miter sleds and miter fences are the most helpful and useful table saw jigs that the professionals and wood workers have found for themselves.

Miter Sled and Miter Fence

You have to make the cross cuts and angle cuts with the help of miter saw or sled. You will need an area where you can run your wood to get these cuts. The miter gauge itself does not provide enough tracks for the wood. The miter sled has an extension table which picks up the cut off wood and prevents it to get into the saw blade. The miter sled is attached on one side of the table saw and side table is attached to another side of the table saw. The miter sled is attached parallel to the plane of blade. The miter fence is preventing your hands and fingers to get into the saw blade. The miter fence is 3 inches in height.

Push Block

You can make your own push block with the help of scraps of wood or a bow shaped steel handle. You can fix the pieces of the wooden blocks with the help of the glue. The blocks must be 3 inches high and wide and should be about 5 inches long. You can attach the steel handle with the screws. Cut the front angle of the block so that you can see the saw blade and wood. You can attach a small piece of wood at the end of the block so that will help you to push the piece of wood within the saw blade. You have to make a new one, if your old block has worn out due to the saw blade.

Rip Fence

A well sketched rip fence can help you to exactly press your wooden pieces behind the saw in order to cut very slim strips off. An adjustable rip fence has 3 pin holes at the front edge of the table saw, therefore you can shift and pull it towards or away from to the saw blade in the correct distance from the blade firmly. The rip fence can angularly also be for thin rip fence. Its edge of fence is 3 tariffs, which are formed highly and by the maple wood with oak laminate. This prevents wear and permits smooth passage of the wood by the saw.

Rip Table Saw Jigs

The rip table saw jigs are very useful to lead wood near the saw blade for feather/spring thinness of cuts. It is a wedge-shaped block on sliding, which fits into that left-sided miter gauge of your table saw jigs. They adjust the top side firmly to the strength of the strip; you would like to rip up the wooden piece and to lock them in the correct place against the wood. A circle screw bolt head of the smooth high-grade steel is the only edge contact with the wood, is torn up and prevents a binding and a tearing up.

The table saw jigs can be simple tools and hence can perform many functions. The jig’s simplicity will lead it to perform variety of functions with more convenience and efficiency. You can add extension tables to your side and back of the table saw that would provide flexibility in your work to do your job with larger pieces of wood. The table saw jigs add many more advantages such as cut scarfs and tapers, cut tenons, make finger joints, cut dovetails, etc. No table saw would be workable enough without the addition of table saw jigs.